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Frozen Red Blood Cells

Frozen Red Blood Cells (FRBCs) are an FDA-licensed product which allow for cryopreservation of red blood cells for up to 10 years. FRBCs were first used by the military in a theater of war in 1966 in the Republic of South Vietnam. Current technology allows for frozen red cells to be thawed; the resultant product has and a 14-day shelf life . FRBCs are available for use in hospitals stateside, overseas and pre-positioned aboard US Navy ships. FRBCs have been shown equally effective as normal packed red blood cells (PRBCs) in their ability to deliver oxygen to tissues and organs. A noted advantage of frozen red cells over packed red cells is a significant reduction of white blood cells and other biologically active substances known to contribute to transfusion reactions. See below for further information and research on the use of frozen blood.

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White Paper

Frozen Red Blood Cells (PDF, 190kb)

Frozen Red Blood Cells (FRBC) have long been an FDA-licensed product manufactured by military donor centers for use in contingency operations. Traditionally employed in locations where it would be difficult to provide a large inventory of FDA-licensed liquid red cell units, frozen blood can be used by hospitals both stateside and overseas. Unfortunately, this resource has gone largely unused due to a variety of factors; primarily a lack of information about the product and its uses. [Read more...]


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