ASBP: Meeting the Mission Time and Time Again
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Meeting the Mission Time and Time Again

By Wendy Binder, ASBP blood donor recruiter, Camp Lejeune, N.C.
One of the ways that the Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune Blood Donor Center (NMCCL BDC) in North Carolina meets its weekly mission is by having routine strong support from the training schools, regiments and battalions on base. Tasked to meet a quota of frozen blood and low titer whole blood each week, the donor center looks to collect 100 plus units of type O blood. In addition, other blood types are needed to support weekly quotas for the transfusion department at the NMCCL.

The BDC holds anywhere from three to four mobilized blood drives a week at different sites aboard Camp Lejeune and other bases in the area. One site that gives constant support to the Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP) and NMCCL BDC is the Headquarters and Support Battalion (H&S).

Throughout the years, H&S Battalion has gone above and beyond to support the ASBP blood drives; helping ensure enough blood is collected in support of active duty, family members and retirees at home and overseas. The success of these blood drives is credited to the site coordinator, Sandra Gee, and the Battalion leadership. Without their belief in the program, the drives would not consistently produce the number of units it currently does.

Gee is always willing to set up drives every 57 days, and when the BDC is in need of additional units or a last minute blood drive, she is there; ready to support. She goes out of her way to make sure that the drives are highly publicized within the battalion from the top down and leads by example by donating herself. This is all while encouraging others to do the same.

What motivates Gee to give so much of her time in support of the ASBP?

“The opportunity to save a life and help others,” she said. “It’s a great program that assists in saving lives specifically service members, their families and retirees.”

Sandra encourages anyone who can to donate and support the ASBP and NMCCL BDC.

“One should always donate blood if they are able when an opportunity is present because you never know when you yourself or a family member may be in need. Injuries occur daily on and off the battlefield.”

To highlight her and the H&S Battalion’s efforts, Navy Lt. Cdr. Jacob Hasty, NMCCL BDC department head, presented them with a plaque in recognition for their outstanding support and contributions to the ASBP in 2018/2019. This is only one small way to show how much their time, efforts and hard work are appreciated. The NMCCL BDC wouldn’t be able to fulfill its mission without the help and support from site coordinators like Gee and battalions like H&S Battalion.

About the Armed Services Blood Program
Since 1962, the Armed Services Blood Program has served as the sole provider of blood for the United States military. As a tri-service organization, the ASBP collects, processes, stores and distributes blood and blood products to Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and their families worldwide. As one of four national blood collection organizations trusted to ensure the nation has a safe, potent blood supply, the ASBP works closely with our civilian counterparts by sharing donors on military installations where there are no military blood collection centers and by sharing blood products in times of need to maximize availability of this national treasure. To find out more about the ASBP or to schedule an appointment to donate, please visit To interact directly with ASBP staff members, see more photos or get the latest news, follow @militaryblood on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Pinterest. Find the drop. Donate.

The Armed Services Blood Program is a proud recipient of the Army Maj. Gen. Keith L. Ware Public Affairs award for journalism.