ASBP: Pennsylvania National Guard Hosts First ASBP Blood Drive
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Pennsylvania National Guard Hosts First ASBP Blood Drive

By Shawntel Trowell, ASBP blood donor recruiter, National Capital Region
Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP) recruiters know that it can be difficult to host blood drives around federal holidays due to scheduled leave and training breaks. Regardless, the Pennsylvania National Guard Association (PNGAS) and the Pennsylvania National Guard were determined to make their first drive a success.

On July 5, Fort Indiantown Gap hosted their first ASBP blood drive. Since it was right after the country’s birthday, Air National Guard officer and PNGAS Executive Director Kathleen Fabrizi, who coordinated the drive, decided that Pennsylvania giving a ‘birthday gift’ in celebration of U.S. Independence would be a fitting theme.

Fabrizi focused on gaining support of the garrison and tenant commands. Because Fort Indiantown Gap is an open military installation, she was able to capitalize on its set up by advertising on local news and radio stations, making the blood drive especially successful.

To help with the flow of the drive, cadets from the Pennsylvania Civil Air Patrol volunteered their time at the blood drive. Brothers Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Jacob Bell, 16-years-old, and Cadet Master Sgts. Caleb and Isaac, 13-years-old, escorted donors around the drive and helped with giving out snacks.

The Armed Services Blood Bank Center -National Capital Region (ASBBC-NCR) Director, Navy Lt. Stephanie Golla, spoke highly of the cadets.

“They did a tremendous job providing support to the ASBBC-NCR team during our first blood drive at Fort Indiantown Gap,” Golla said. “They spent most of the drive escorting our donors from station to station, which allowed our team members to focus on their jobs while also reassuring donors that someone was looking out for them every step of the process. We welcome these outstanding and impressive young cadets to be part of our team on our next drive!”

Army Cpt. Arthur Prough, Jr. encouraged many in his family to attend the drive. His father, Arthur Prough Sr., and his brother, Andrew -both Army veterans- attended and Andrew donated blood. Andrew had also donated with the ASBP while in basic and advanced individual training at Fort Benning, Georgia. He explained that was where he learned the importance of doing his part as a Soldier for his brothers and sisters in arms. Andrew, a citizen and lifelong patriot, continues to believe in providing this selfless gift to his fellow service members.

Arthur’s mother, Lennie, and sister, April, also donated. “We donate regularly, but supporting the troops is special- especially since my son, Arthur is still serving,” said Lennie.

In addition to coordinating the event, Fabrizi also donated with her husband Army Maj. Louis Fabrizi of the Pennsylvania National Guard.

"PNGAS is proud to partner with the ASBP and provide this critical service to our current and former military members and their families,” she said. “[We’re] looking forward to the next event!"

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