ASBP: Profile of Dedication: Petty Officer 1st Class Ivy Nicolas
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Profile of Dedication: Petty Officer 1st Class Ivy Nicolas

By Cesar Fontanilla, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, Camp Pendleton, Calif.
Petty Officer 1st Class Ivy Nicolas is an avid ASBP blood donor and dedicated supporter.  She is currently the blood drive coordinator at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton.
Petty Officer 1st Class Ivy Nicolas is an avid ASBP blood donor and dedicated supporter. She is currently the blood drive coordinator at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton.
Petty Officer 1st Class Ivy Nicolas is an avid blood donor and a very dynamic blood drive coordinator with the Armed Services Blood Program. Her understanding of the importance of blood donations also stems from her time as an ASBP blood donor staff member, been helping ensure the center met its collection goals.

Nicolas, a passionate laboratory technician, continues to learn every aspect of the laboratory while motivating her sailors to be blood donors.

“I am passionate about achieving mission success,” Nicolas said. “But most importantly knowing that what I do greatly impacts our institution as a whole by ensuring we meet the needs of active duty members, veterans, and their families.”

Nicolas never hesitates to coordinate a blood drive with her respective units. Of the eight drives she has coordinated, over 300 units of blood were collected. She makes the blood drive a priority to educate her Sailors and Marines about the importance of blood donation.

“Donating blood equates to lives saved; who wouldn’t want to save a life? As a coordinator, the best part is when I see all the willing donors come out and support our blood drives. It is a testament to how much people care for each other,” she stated. “The ASBP is a special program because it is a collaboration of all the Armed Services working together as one team with one common goal. I make sure my peers are aware that they are supporting all service members particularly our warfighters.”

Some of her best memories as a Navy corpsman were working at the Naval Medical Center San Diego Blood Donor Center, California.

“The blood donor center was a fun, challenging but rewarding experience. I remember the days of working on the weekends and collecting over 200 units of blood from the Marines at Marine Corps Recruit Depot. We spent our Saturdays collecting units needed to support the warfighters in Iraq. At the end of the day, the reward of knowing the blood will help wounded service members recover from their injuries is enough for me to say it was a great day.”

She has an outstanding military career spanning from the time she joined the Navy in 2005. With a long list of past awards such as the Bluejacket of the Quarter, First Quarter, 2007 and Junior Sailor of the Quarter, Third Quarter, 2013, Nicolas continues to excel today, having received the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal 2017.

She has two tours of deployment: NATO Role 3 – Multinational Medical Unit, 2011 and Special Purpose MAGTF 16.2 Combat Logistics Battalion 5, 2016. Nicolas earned her Fleet Marine Force warfare in 2015 and therefore, was eligible for deployment with the Marines.

When asked where she sees herself in five years, Nicolas said, “I look forward to serving the world’s greatest Navy for many years. I look forward to taking on higher leadership roles and inspire and motivate young Sailors to be the best that they can be.”

The Armed Services Blood Program at Camp Pendleton is grateful for Nicolas’ dedication to blood donation and in her role as blood drive coordinator. Commitment from individuals like Nicolas to the ASBP mission helps save lives and makes a difference worldwide.

About the Armed Services Blood Program
Since 1962, the Armed Services Blood Program has served as the sole provider of blood for the United States military. As a tri-service organization, the ASBP collects, processes, stores and distributes blood and blood products to Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and their families worldwide. As one of four national blood collection organizations trusted to ensure the nation has a safe, potent blood supply, the ASBP works closely with our civilian counterparts by sharing donors on military installations where there are no military blood collection centers and by sharing blood products in times of need to maximize availability of this national treasure. To find out more about the ASBP or to schedule an appointment to donate, please visit To interact directly with ASBP staff members, see more photos or get the latest news, follow @militaryblood on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Pinterest. Find the drop. Donate.

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