ASBP: How to Apply – Detailed Fellowship Program requirements by Service
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The Specialist in Blood Banking (SBB) Fellowship is a military training program offered to eligible active duty members from all three branches of the Armed Services. Candidates must be selected for the SBB Fellowship program and the application process varies by Service. Click below for detailed requirements by Service.

Army Requirements
Navy Requirements
Air Force Requirements
International Requirements

Army Officers must meet the following criteria in order to apply:
  • Must have 24 months on station or have completed a current overseas tour.
  • Must be an Active Duty Officer with less than 17 years of active service as of the program start date.
  • Completed the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) within the last five years.
  • Officers in a non-select status cannot apply.
  • Standard Long Term Health Education and Training (LTHET) rules apply. Please check the current year LTHET messages at (Army Knowledge Online (AKO) account required to view the messages and instructions.)
For questions concerning the admission process, please contact your Service Blood Program Officer (SBPO).