ASBP: FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions About Donating Blood
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Frequently Asked Questions about donating blood to the Armed Services Blood Program

What is the Armed Services Blood Program?

Is the ASBP the same organization as the American Red Cross?

If I donate to a civilian organization and tell them I want my donation to go the military, will it go to the ASBP?

Who does an ASBP blood donation go to?

How does the ASBP get blood into theater?

What is the donation process like?

What do I need to bring with me to my blood donation?

Where can I donate?

How can I find a blood drive in my area?

Am I eligible to donate?

Why am I deferred from donating?

What are travel deferrals?

Can civilians donate blood to the ASBP?

What is the best way to support the ASBP if I can't donate?

I was told I couldn't donate because of mad cow disease. When will this restriction be lifted?

Can I donate at my local civilian blood center for the ASBP?

How can I sponsor a blood drive in my area?

What is FDP and where can I learn more about it?

With the rise of the coronavirus (COVID-19), are blood donations still safe?

Are there any extra safety measures taken because of the coronavirus?

What is COVID-19 convalescent plasma or CCP? Can I donate?

Do ASBP blood donor centers provide any COVID-19 testing? How about for COVID-19 antibodies?