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Find a Blood Drive at Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune Blood Donor Center

Below is a list of locations that are currently scheduled to hold blood drives. This page is updated regularly as new drives are scheduled, therefore, donors are encouraged to schedule an appointment online or call to make an appointment:

Main: (910) 450-3458
Donor Recruiter: (910) 450-4628

If an online appointment is available, click on the location name below to schedule an appointment on any of the dates listed. If drives do not appear after clicking on the location name, the drive dates have passed and new dates will be added as drives are scheduled. Please select another blood drive location or contact the donor center to schedule an appointment. Click here to search for appointments by address or zip code.

If you have made a past donation and would like to know when you can donate again, use our donation calculator.

Step Step 1 To make an appointment, please select one of the blood drive locations listed below:

Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune Blood Donor Center
2nd MLG Maintenance Battalion08/14/2020
2nd Radio Battalion08/19/2020
2nd Regiment HQ08/20/2020
3/6 BN08/11/2020
C CO Infantry Training Battalion08/04/2020
Civilian Blood Drive @ MCX CL07/30/2020
D CO Infantry Training Battalion08/25/2020
Field Medical Training Battalion08/27/2020
H&S BN MCI EAST-MCB08/10/2020
HMLA 26908/07/2020
II MEF HQ08/21/2020
Marine Combat Training Battalion08/29/2020
Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools08/06/2020
MCX Camp Lejeune08/03/2020
Naval Health Clinic Cherry Point07/28/2020
Seymour Johnson Airforce Base08/12/2020