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Welcome to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Blood Donor Center website. As part of the Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP),the official United States military blood program, your donation serves as a vital link to military service members and their families worldwide.

Your selfless support of the Armed Services Blood Program helps keep our military service members and their families healthy, and help bring our fellow service members home.

The Fort Belvoir Community Hospital Blood Donor Center has been closed permanently, effective immediately, due to consolidation and staff realignment. This closure will not affect the quality of services or the quality of blood products provided by the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. Blood products for Fort Belvoir Community Hospital patients will continue to be provided by the Armed Services Blood Bank Center at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Patients undergoing therapeutic phlebotomies or autologous donations will now be collected at the Pentagon Donor Center (2 forms of identification are required) or at WRNMMC

Mobile blood drives on Fort Belvoir will continue as scheduled. Opportunities will still exist for local blood donors to support the Armed Services Blood Program. Blood drives can be found online at and searching by zip code or you may contact Donna Onwona, mobile operations donor recruiter, at 202.294.6674 or for more information or help finding blood donation opportunities.

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Army Spc. Alisha Kohler has accomplished a lot in the span of just six short months. She has become an Iron Warrior and won the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Bravo Company Solider of the Month, Soldier of the Quarter, and Soldier of the Year. She has also earned the Expert Field Medical Badge and is in the running for the National Regional Medical Command Best Warrior. (Photo courtesy of Army Spc. Alisha Kohler)

Military Blood Program Lab Tech Takes the Iron Warrior Award
She's been with her unit for a cup of coffee and yet Army Spc. Alisha Kohler has passed one of the most difficult tests the Army offers, earned the Iron Warrior...

Retired Army Lt. Col. Christopher Rizzo (left) and Army Lt. Col. Timothy Wolfe (right) are regular donors at the Pentagon Blood Donor Center. Rizzo has completed 16 whole blood donations and Wolfe has completed 13 platelet donations for the Armed Services Blood Program.

Regular Donors Continually Saving Lives at the Pentagon
Blood and blood products cannot be stored indefinitely. For the safety of recipients, red blood cells must be used within 35-42 days after collection depending on...

Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work supports the Armed Services Blood Program during a blood drive sponsored by the 1st Class Petty Officers Association for the Office of the Secretary of Defense. By the end of the blood drive, the Pentagon Blood Donor Center was able to collect 23 units of blood for the Armed Services Blood Program and ill or injured service members, veterans and their families worldwide. (Photo by Master Sgt. Adrian Cadiz)

FCPOA Sponsors "1st Class" Blood Drive
Petty officer 1st class Sailors, of all ratings, come together to share information and help each other grow personally and professionally at the 1st Class Petty...

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