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A Regular Blood Donor Needed Six Transfusions New (Jeffery Diffy, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, North Chicago, Ill.)
Angela Palmer is a navy Mom and has donated many times since high school. She knows that blood can save lives. Now on the mend after a health care crisis and 100 pounds thinner, she is looking forward to seeing her new Sailor graduate boot camp soon.

Make a Lifesaving Contribution at NAS Pax River Blood Drive New (Donna Cipolloni, NAS Patuxent River Public Affairs)
Service members and civilians at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md., can give to the red, white and blue by donating blood during in the atrium of the Rear Adm. William A. Moffett Building, #2272, April 5. Conducting the drive will be the ASBP, the official military provider of blood products to the U.S. armed forces.

Three Different Transfusions, Three Different Family Members Needed Blood New (Jeffery Diffy, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, North Chicago, Ill.)
Seaman Recruit Maverick Johnson signed up to serve the U.S. Navy. He has already seen many of his family members endure accidents, illnesses and injuries along life’s journey.

Blood Donors Helped Take Her from Angel Wings to Full Stride (Jeffery Diffy, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, North Chicago, Ill.)
Jaime Winter is a Navy mom. Her son, Seaman Recruit Robert Taylor Jr., will soon graduate boot camp and begin his career as a machinist mate in the U.S. Navy. Ten years ago, Winter’s youngest daughter, Brittany Lee ...

Angels in Apheresis (Jerrick Alexander and Marjore Romero, ASBP Recruiters, National Capital Region)
The Armed Services Blood Program is a tri-service program collecting blood and apheresis platelets from the military for the military community. Both the Apheresis Donor Center at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., and the Pentagon Blood Donor Center are great places to visit if you’re looking for a place to unwind.

Happiness, Health and Heroes (Jeffery Diffy, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, North Chicago, Ill.)
Diamond Brown is U.S Marine Corps daughter. Her brother, Seaman Recruit Quintin Brown, is attending Navy boot camp in Great Lakes, Ill. Earlier this year, Diamond Brown experienced a health care crisis during a typical day at school. This is her story and how blood donations made a difference.

Ranger Whole Blood Program Wins Army Greatest Innovation Award (Maj. Tony Mayne)
The 75th Ranger Regiment's Ranger O Low Titer (ROLO) Whole Blood Program was recognized by the Army Materiel Command as the individual military winner of the annual Army's Greatest Innovation Award at the Association of the United States Army Global ...

Alpha Company Wins TAMC ‘Blood Battle’ (Michelle Lele-Himalaya, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, Tripler, Hawaii)
Let the Blood Battles begin! Three companies at Tripler Army Medical Center competed in a three-day heated blood battle competition. For the 12th consecutive year, the Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Companies battled it out to see who would be the Blood Battle champion and donate ...

Grandson of a WWII Pilot Deploys Two Sons into the Navy (Jeffery Diffy, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, North Chicago, Ill.)
Curtis Egan is known as a Navy “frequent flyer.” He has seen not one, but two sons become Sailors. His grandfather Air Force Lt. Col. John Lloyd Egan received blood after receiving injuries in Europe during World War II. John Lloyd retired from the Air Force after having served in World War II ...

Navy Grandfather Bypassed a Regular Work Day for Heart Surgery (Jeffery Diffy, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, North Chicago, Ill.)
Navy Mom Maria Harvey shared the story recently of her father Douglas Lorah. Harvey is a regular blood donor and Lorah has required many surgical procedures over the years. Harvey will soon celebrate the graduation of her daughter ...

Giving Thanks to Those Who Supported the ASBP in 2016 (Wendy Binder, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, Camp Lejeune, N.C.)
The Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune Blood Donor Center held its Blood Donor Appreciation Luncheon Jan. 25 at the Paradise Point Officers Club, Camp Lejeune, N.C. This event recognized blood drive locations, site coordinators, whole blood donors and platelet donors who went above and beyond ...

After A Difficult Delivery, Mom Becomes a Dedicated Blood Donor (Jeffery Diffy, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, North Chicago, Ill.)
Kristi Baumbach is a Navy mom of three. She experienced a very difficult delivery with her daughter Emily, and had significant loss of blood. She was nearly a blood transfusions recipient. Today, Kristi Baumbach donates blood regularly ...

Navy Flutist Helps Military Blood Program Save Lives (Jessica Pellegrini, ASBP Staff Writer)
Navy Musician Chief Petty Officer Christina Bayes is an avid supporter of the Armed Services Blood Program. Since 2010, she has coordinated 24 blood drives and donated whole blood 15-20 times. “Chief Petty Officer Bayes has coordinated quarterly blood drives at the Washington Navy Yard for seven years and they are one ...

Profiles of Strength, Dedication and Commitment: Celebrating Women’s History Month (Jessica Pellegrini, ASBP Staff Writer)
They are mothers, daughters, wives and friends. They are doctors, nurses and blood bankers. They are Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. They are women. Throughout history, women have played a significant role in military medicine, albeit, not always in the spotlight.

Air Force Master Sergeant Continues the Good Fight (Jeffery Diffy, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, North Chicago, Ill.)
Navy Petty Officer Brenton Fitch, a cryptologic technician (collections) petty officer, shared the story of his veteran father Charles Fitch and his ongoing battle to recover from his illness. During this eight-year struggle, Charles Fitch has received “countless” transfusions of blood and blood products.

Army Vet Receives Blood in Korea, Grandson Donates 3 Gallons of Blood (Jeffery Diffy, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, North Chicago, Ill.)
Retired Army Cpl. Esquiel B. Leos is “Army Strong.” He has proven it. Even though he sits today in a veteran’s home in Chula Vista, Calif., that won’t stop him from seeing his grandson, Seaman Recruit Jacob Schmitzerle ...

U.S. Navy Veteran is a Two-Gallon Blood Donor (Jeffery Diffy, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, North Chicago, Ill.)
It takes drive and dedication to achieve the title of gallon blood donor. Melissa Harner continued donating after her first one gallon appreciation letter and is now a two-gallon blood donor with the Armed Services Blood Program. She is also a proud U.S. Navy veteran.

Donors Honor Family Members by Giving Blood (Cesar Fontanilla, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, Camp Pendleton, Calif.)
Marines from Marine Combat Training Golf Company took some time away from their busy training schedule to support the Armed Services Blood Program. Several Marines had expressed their desire to donate blood because it reminded them of how blood saved their loved ones ...

UVa ROTC Blood Drive Sees Record-breaking Success (Maliha Jahangiri, The Cavalier Daily)
The University of Virginia’s ROTC programs held a blood drive Monday, Feb. 27 in support of the U.S. military, raising a record-breaking 79 units of blood in the process. While donors were encouraged to register online, dozens of students, faculty and local community members also participated in walk-in donations in Newcomb Ballroom throughout the day.

Whiffle Ball and Blood Donations (Carl Norman, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.)
When the dust settled at the Davidson Fitness Center Feb. 11 from a somewhat intense whiffle ball tournament, the Hit Squad emerged No. 1, besting six other teams for the title. But the true champions were the people who donated blood with the Armed Services Blood Program thanks ...

2,000 Transfusions Save Mom’s Life (Jeffery Diffy, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, North Chicago, Ill.)
Navy Mom Erin Bennett is a survivor of an illness that could have caused her demise. But after an incredible tale of courage and struggle, she was able to see her daughter graduate from boot camp, Feb. 10. Her courageous path to renewed health began eight years ago.