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NASPR ASBP Supporters Advocate for Summertime Blood Donations (Donna Onwona, ASBP blood donor recruiter, National Capital Region)
Blood collections in the military are unique and challenging during the summer. At the beginning of this season, many regular donors are lost to retirement or permanent change of station, an official relocation of an active duty military service member to a new duty ...

Profile of Dedication: Robert Davis (Ralph Peters, ASBP blood donor recruiter, Portsmouth, Va.)
As a retired United States Navy Medical Service Corps officer of 20 years, Robert Davis spent most of his active duty career in blood banking. On May 23, Davis achieved an incredible personal milestone: his 100th platelet donation, supporting the Armed Service Blood Program’s mission of keeping a supply of blood products available to those in need.

El Paso’s FBI and DEA Branch Contribute to the Cause (Deylon Douglass, ASBP blood donor recruiter, Fort Bliss, Texas)
Special agents from the El Paso Branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Texas, rolled up their sleeves and donated during their most recent Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP) blood drive held this June. The ASBP has been conducting ...

Former Commander Leaves Lasting Impression on BAMC Blood Program (Mark Salcedo, ASBP blood donor recruiter, Fort Sam Houston, Texas)
Blood transfusions have become an indispensable piece of today’s military health care system and contribute to saving hundreds of lives each year. Yet, because of their limited shelf-life, blood supplies need to be constantly ...

Big Thinkers Give Big: NASA Holds ASBP Blood Drive (Ralph Peters, ASBP blood donor recruiter, Portsmouth, Va.)
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Langley Research Center, located in Hampton, Virginia, has an established track record of being been both a historical and modern day technology center. Recently, the center welcomed the Armed Services Blood Program’s (ASBP) Naval ...

O, How We Need You (Carl Norman, ASBP blood donor recruiter, Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.)
It’s the rarest of its kind and yet, the most sought after. It comes from only one type of source on the planet and is only voluntarily collected.

It is type O-negative blood. Each week, the Armed Service Blood Program’s Fort Leonard Wood Blood Donor ...

Supporting the Mission Twofold (Wendy Binder, ASBP blood donor recruiter, Camp Lejeune, N.C.)
“We should all help each other”; it’s a sentiment that many blood donors share as a motivation for their donations. One such donor is Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Joshua Matis. He is no stranger to the Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune Blood Donor Center, North Carolina. As the assistant leading ...

Making it Rain: Improving Medical Readiness at the Frontline (Cpl. Kyle McNan, 1st Marine Logistics Group, Camp Pendleton, Calif.)
When people are in need of medical care, time is always a factor. Many times service members find themselves operating in austere environments such as disaster relief areas and forward operating bases where the transportation of medical supplies can be a complex undertaking. Depending ...

Doing Her Part Right from the Start (Shawntel Trowell, ASBP blood donor recruiter, National Capital Region)
Most of the enlisted personnel that make up the Armed Services Blood Program are medical laboratory specialists. Although all service members with this job specialty are trained the same, they perform various jobs within the military from working in the blood bank to carrying out clinical research.

615th ASB Holds Blood Drive, Supports Deployed Teammates (Dave Conrad, Robertson Blood Center, Fort Hood, Texas)
Rear detachments often share their “blood, sweat and tears” with their deployed counterparts but some Fort Hood, Texas units are finding a way to share their actual blood as well.

The 615th Aviation Support Battalion hosted an Armed Services Blood Program blood drive at their ...

Profiles of Dedication: Jeyzel Rossi (Ralph Peters, ASBP blood donor recruiter, Portsmouth, Va.)
Jeyzel Rossi has a remarkable passion for helping people; it flows naturally between her work as a yoga instructor and her professional support of the Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP). Since 2015, she has worked at America’s first shipyard, the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Virginia. Recently, Rossi’s passion and proficiency earned her the distinction of being selected as ...