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On the Blood Grid: Donors Connect 900 Miles Apart (July 2015)
Incredibly, in this day and age, people all over the world are able to instantly connect with the help of technology and social media. Donors and patients, service members and families, representatives from all branches of service are also all plugged into a lifesaving network through the ASBP.

Blood Program Relies on Local Donors (July 2015)
Life's pace slows down for many people during summer months, but the need for blood does not. A rise in the number of people who travel throughout summer can equate to a rise in the number of accidents that send people to the hospital; some with life-threatening injuries. Without a steady blood supply, the outcome could be tragic.

Gallons of Caring in the Heart of Georgia (May 2015)
The ASBP's donors at Robins Air Force Base, Ga., are a very special population. Each year, the blood collection team from the Kendrick Memorial Blood Center on Ft. Gordon, Ga., is honored to host a recognition event for donors who have given a gallon or more of blood to the ASBP.

Unit Bids Farewell with Arms (March 2015)
When a military unit moves or deploys, it takes an enormous amount of planning and organization to pull off. Often in the fast pace of preparations, unit blood drives are canceled, at the very time their purpose is most evident - uniting service-minded individuals with the shared goal of protecting and preserving life. One of Fort Gordon's longtime units...

Military Blood Program Recognizes a Caring Heart (March 2015)
Recently, Fort Gordon's Kendrick Memorial Blood Center held its annual blood donor awards ceremony to honor its top donors and supporters. The center's highest donating active donor, Carol Cox, was unable to attend the ceremony because she was caring for patients at the Dwight...

A Time to Say Thanks (February 2015)
National Blood Donor Month is the perfect time to shine the spotlight on outstanding blood donors and supporters, and Fort Gordon's Kendrick Memorial Blood Center recently took the opportunity to do that in a big way, with a table full of awards and a tower of cupcakes. Every year since 1998, with only one exception, the blood donor center has held a ceremony to recognize the top donor donors.

A Gift Just in the Nick of Time (December 2014)
Think of the best holiday gift you've ever given someone. Did you wrap it in shiny paper with reindeer on it, or maybe pretty blue Hannukah paper? Did you sneak it under a twinkly tree when everyone was sleeping Or was it something that couldn't be wrapped? The night before Christmas Eve, the apheresis collection team at Fort Gordon's Kendrick...

Green Knights Give Red (November 2014)
Cold weather couldn't put a damper on the patriotism of 20 Fort Gordon area motorcyclists Nov. 15. They suited up and braved freezing temperatures for the Blood for Brotherhood Ride, hopefully the first of many such events sponsored by the Green Knights Military Motorcycle Club, Chapter 123.

Blood Donations Go from Red to Green on Fort Gordon (November 2014)
An annual event at Fort Gordon, Ga., recently drew to a close with a lot of smiles, sugary treats and some pretty cool zombie T-shirts. But it's about Christmas, not Halloween. The annual Red to Green campaign happens each October on post, and makes unlikely partners of...

Longtime Donor Finds New Way to Give (August 2014)
Army Maj. Christoph Himmelsbach is no stranger to donating lifesaving blood products. The communications officer has given many gallons during his military career. Although his donations have mostly been platelet donation, he recently signed up for something new at the Kendrick Memorial Blood Center on Fort Gordon, Ga.

Blood Center Gets a New Home (June 2014)
Army Col. Richard Gonzales, director of the Army Blood Program, called it "the little building that could." But after two decades in its old location, the Kendrick Memorial Blood Center on Fort Gordon, Ga., has moved into a new facility ideally suited for its mission: collecting blood, plasma and platelets for service members worldwide.

Recognizing the Best of the Best (May 2014)
The ASBP at Fort Gordon, Ga., has a special attachment to the blood donors at Robins Air Force Base, Ga., which is just a little under three hours away. Since 2005, the team from the Kendrick Memorial Blood Center makes the trip to the base to collect blood from a group of patriotic and dedicated donors, many of whom are "regulars" and rarely miss a drive.

Outstanding Coordinator Creates Blood Drive Legacy (March 2014)
Since 2003, soldiers and cadre from the 187th Ordnance Battalion at Fort Jackson, S.C., have been rolling up their sleeves regularly to give blood to the ASBP. More than 2,000 ordnance warriors have donated at the battalion over the last decade, motivated by the extraordinarily...

Lion Brigade Gives Holiday Help (January 2014)
So what was your pre-holiday week like? Traveling? Shopping? Baking? The holidays can be a challenging time to maintain a steady blood supply because many regular donors are deviating from their normal routines in order to prepare for their celebrations. Some lion-hearted warriors from the 35th Signal Brigade recently dropped everything to help the...

Cross-Training to Save Lives (November 2013)
There are many critical steps involved in collecting blood products and getting them to patients in need. Each part of the process requires that dedicated professionals be trained and ready at a moment's notice. When an emergency arises, staff must be able to respond quickly to the need.

Powerful Match-ups (October 2013)
Based on their blood group and type, all blood donors possess a unique gift that assigns them a vital role in saving lives. Many people don't know what their particular type enables them to do for patients in need, or how their generous donation can be maximized by matching their blood type to a specific kind of donation.

Young Author Inspired to Give Blood (September 2013)
Arial Marsh has been spotted doing some pretty amazing things at Fort Gordon, Ga. In June, the young author was signing copies of her first published novel at the Post Exchange, and recently, she was spotted saving lives by giving blood for the first time!

Just My Type (September 2013)
Worldwide, blood donations are responsible for helping reunite millions of injured or ill people with their loved ones, and the ASBP in particular has made thousands of military homecomings possible. Giving blood through the ASBP is also responsible for introducing a husband-and-wife team.

Fort Gordon Thanks Blood Center Supporters (June 2013)
The annual Blood Donor Awards Ceremony at Fort Gordon, Ga., is always a special treat for the leadership of the Kendrick Memorial Blood Center and the Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center because it is a great opportunity to show appreciation to the units...

Staff Gives 100% ... And Then Some (May 2013)
The staff members at Fort Gordon's Kendrick Memorial Blood Center work hard to provide lifesaving blood products for members of the military community in need. They conduct blood drives on weekends and early mornings, often working long hours and on holidays collecting and processing blood. However, their dedication to the mission doesn't...

Soldier Inspires Donors, Staff (April 2013)
It isn't every day that a soldier survives a life-threatening illness and attends a blood drive in his honor just a few weeks later, inspiring donors and staff alike. Recently, Army Staff Sgt. Gabor Nap did just that at Fort Gordon, Ga., after fighting for his life for almost two months in the hospital where he received multiple units of blood products daily.

Robins Air Force Base Shares the Love (March 2013)
Last week at Robins Air Force Base, Ga., more than 250 dedicated people affirmed that meaning of Valentine's Day isn't just found in cupids and chocolates. At their recent blood drive, there were no candy hearts or party store decorations in sight.

Township Joins West Pointers in Giving Blood (January 2013)
There's no doubt about it, all blood donors are special, unselfish people who devote their time and energy to saving lives. Some donors really go the extra mile, or in the case of some very motivated donors from Nutley, N.J., about 50 miles!

Recruits Keep Blood Flowing (January 2013)
Traditionally, the last week of December is one of the hardest weeks of the year for blood donations as many potential donors are recovering from holiday travel and celebrations, and preparing for a new year. ASBP blood donor centers worldwide appeal to service members, family members and civilian employees...

(Civic) Duty Calls! (December 2012)
The day after Election Day, cadets and staff at The Citadel Military College of South Carolina gathered to perform another civic duty—donate blood! Twice each year, the college hosts an ASBP blood drive to help provide lifesaving blood and blood products to service members...

Ordnance Battalion Contributes the Most Red for Green (November 2012)
Two causes, one event. Each year organizations from all over Fort Gordon, Ga., step up during the annual "Red to Green" campaign—a program that gives hundreds of military families a holiday season to remember. This year, dedicated participants from the 73rd Ordnance Battalion...

Good Deeds Come in Red and Green (October 2012)
It's that time of year to get your holiday gift-giving spirit ready! A little early, some might say, but the Fort Gordon 11th annual "Red to Green" campaign, which takes place every October, is right in the middle of helping to save lives and bring holiday cheer. Each year the Fort Gordon...

Advanced Individual Training Company Does Twice the Good (September 2012)
Fort Gordon, Ga., was in the middle of a heavy rainstorm the morning of Company E of the 369th Signal Battalion's scheduled blood drive; but that didn't stop soldiers from wanting to help their fellow service members. In fact, many of them were inspired to do two heroic things...

Fort Gordon Thanks Its Donors (July 2012)
Summer blockbuster movies usually feature larger-than-life superheroes in dazzling costumes, but anyone associated with blood collection knows that in real life there are many ways to be a hero, and most go largely unrecognized. Donors, volunteers and supporters are the driving force of an ASBP blood donor center, and without them...

Gallons of Support from Robins Air Force Base (July 2012)
Most people have a hard time visualizing blood by the gallon, and that's nothing strange. Only a tiny percent of the population displays the generosity and dedication needed to donate blood the eight times it takes to equal one gallon. Yet a team of loyal lifesavers thrives...

Kings Bay Hosts Unsinkable Blood Drive (June 2012)
When the Armed Services Blood Program conducted their first blood drive at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, Ga., in December 2011, it was a huge success; but when they conducted their second blood drive at the location just a few weeks ago, it was even better.

From the Lab to the Battlefield, Donations Save Lives (May 2012)
For 1st Sgt. Pablo Cadena, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 67th Signal Battalion, donating blood was always a part of being in the Army and a good thing to do, maybe even earning him a little time off as a young soldier. But in June 2008, his relationship with blood changed...

Academy Attendees Finally Able to Donate (April 2012)
Attendees of the Signal Corps Regimental Noncommissioned Officer Academy enhance their ability to train and mentor soldiers, helping their troops develop physically, mentally and professionally. But recently, the academy added something else to the curriculum—donating blood to the ASBP.

Milestone Donation is a Sweet Occasion (March 2012)
This Valentine's Day, the students and faculty of Georgia Military College showed their love by giving troops and their families a gift far more special than roses and heart-shaped chocolates. The community was anticipating the day for another reason. The college's 2,000th donation ...

West Point Blood Drive Successful on Two Fronts (February 2012)
An annual tradition at the United States Military Academy, the ASBP drive, is a rallying event for cadets, instructors and members of the West Point community who want to support service members in need. In each of the last three years, more than 2,000 donors ...

New Donors Bring Life in 2012 (January 2012)
January means the start of a fresh new year, one full of possibilities! It's the perfect time to add healthy habits to daily routines, commit to continually do something positive or try something new—which may be why January is designated as National Blood Donor Month. The staff at the Kendrick Memorial Blood Center at Fort Gordon, Ga., hopes ...

"Geared to Maintain" a Blood Supply (December 2011)
At the 187th Ordnance Battalion at Fort Jackson, S.C., their motto, "Geared to maintain," refers to their mission of training warrior mechanics; but in November, their mission was all about maintaining the military's blood supply! The battalion is an advanced individual training unit which houses ...

Cadets, Fraternity Members Come Together During 9/11 Memorial Blood Drive (October 2011)
The aftermath of 9/11 proved that people from diverse backgrounds can overcome grief, bewilderment and anger together. People acted-united and ready to help those who had suffered loss by giving blood, volunteering or ...

Saving Lives and Bringing Holiday Joy at Fort Gordon (October 2011)
Traditions as generous as they are genius are bound to endure, and that statement couldn't be truer for the annual "Red to Green" campaign. For the 11th year, the Fort Gordon, Ga., community is poised to help save lives and make the holidays brighter for military families around the globe.

Regulars at Robins (September 2011)
People at Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, Ga., know a thing or two about hosting great blood drives; and one thing they know is that having regular blood drives means having regular blood donors. In fact, there are a handful of loyal donors who have donated at almost every one of the 32 ASBP drives since they first began collecting at the base in 2005.

Georgia Military College Keeps Tradition Flowing (July 2011)
Since April 2005, the blood collection team from the Fort Gordon, Ga., Blood Donor Center has regularly made the hour and a half long drive through the Georgia countryside to the city of Milledgeville, Ga. Once the state capital, Milledgeville is a pretty city with loads of history and ...

Summer Blood Donations are Crucial (June 2011)
Summer is here! For most, it is the season of family vacations, summer camps and relaxation. For many military families, it is also time to move on to a new location. Summer can be one of the busiest times of the year and that can take a toll on the blood supply.

Pints for Patriots (June 2011)
Patriotism is more than feeling pride or love for one's nation-it involves action-and Meghann Shell is a prime example of a true action-oriented patriot. When Shell rallied communities across Charlotte, N.C., to give blood to the ASBP, it marked the beginning of an awesome partnership between Shell, the Fort Gordon Blood Donor Center collection team ...

Blood, Sweat and Mud (June 2011)
What's more fun than spending a Saturday off running an obstacle course through the Georgia woods while getting covered in mud and sprayed with a fire hose? Nothing!-at least that is according to some members of the Kendrick Memorial Blood Center at Fort Gordon, Ga. On May 14, 2011, two teams of four military and civilian donor center ...

Giving the Gift of Life to Honor a Life (April 2011)
Often, Armed Services Blood Program supporters perform simple, yet heroic acts, to honor the memory of a loved one. Ohio National Guard Pvt. Stephen Chandler found comfort and inspiration by organizing a blood drive to honor his late father, Benjamin Chandler, Jr.

Blood Collection Team Visits Orange County Choppers (April 2011)
Fans of the Discovery Channel's reality show "American Chopper" are quite familiar with the names, faces and sights of the Orange County Choppers motorcycle shop in Newburgh, N.Y. What fans may not know is that the staff at Orange County Choppers is also quite familiar with the ASBP.

West Point Drive a Huge Team Success (March 2011)
Working together to save lives is the central focus of the military blood program, and nothing better illustrates that theme than the annual ASBP blood drive at the United States Military Academy at West Point, N.Y. Blood program personnel from the Army, Navy and Air Force ...

Caring from the Heart Clinic (January 2011)
Many employees of the Dwight David Eisenhower Army Medical Center, take their motto, "Caring from the heart," well... to heart. The team has been known to donate blood to care for their patients and support troops downrange. Carol Cox, a cardiac sonographer in the cardiology clinic, is no exception. She has been a faithful blood donor since college...

A Creative Way to Rock National Blood Donor Month (January 2011)
Daniel Gillis is a multi-gallon blood donor who turned a drawer full of blood donor T-shirts into something wonderful! Gillis who began donating with the ASBP in 2005, has acquired quite a collection of donor appreciation items, and he wanted to find a way to display his favorites.

Donating with Soldiers in Training (December 2010)
Soldiers in training from Company B, 551st Signal Battalion at Fort Gordon, Ga., have always come together to give blood. At a recent blood drive, they were the in the company of an additional donor who came out to support the Armed Services Blood Program blood drive and the military community in need of blood.

Over a Century of Service (December 2010)
Over the last 30 years, the Kendrick Memorial Blood Center has evolved and endured through a myriad of shifts in size, mission, staff and leadership. Innovations and changes in the blood field inevitably occur, causing the blood donor center to evolve as well. Some things, however, are constant, like the importance of safe, available blood products for patients in need...

A New Tool of the Trade! (September 2010)
The Armed Services Blood Program's Kendrick Memorial Blood Center has recently embarked on a new project to help save lives. The project is part blood bank science, part James Bond, and part cutting edge combat medicine, and it's being tested in Fort Gordon's blood donor center over the next few months.

Fort Jackson Soldiers Save Lives in the Home Stretch (September 2010)
After nine weeks of basic training, new soldiers at Fort Jackson, S.C. are counting down the final days to graduation week. Eagerly anticipated is the graduation ceremony and the passage into their next career phase.

Blood Meets Mud at Fort Gordon Marine Mud Challenge (June 2010)
Fort Gordon's third annual Marine Mud Challenge was held in observance of Armed Forces Day on May 15, 2010, with participants ranging from adults to kids as young as five. Over 800 adults ran the course, and over 200 kids ran the abbreviated, non-competitive one-mile challenge-more than double the number that participated last year!

Families Help Robins AFB Set New Record! (April 2010)
Team Robins is a family of civilians and airmen working seamlessly together, especially when it comes to donating blood for the troops. At a recent Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP) blood drive on April 9th, many donors reached out to their actual family members to donate blood...

Recruits Give Blood to Future Brothers-In-Arms (March 2010)
MCRD PARRIS ISLAND/ERR, S.C. - The ninth week of training marks the beginning of the third and final phase of recruit training. However, before recruits begin this last phase, they have the opportunity to save the life of a Service member before ever claiming the title Marine.

Georgia Military College Hosts Record Blood Drive (March 2010)
Cadets, students, and faculty at Georgia Military College (GMC) in Milledgeville, GA have always been determined blood donors. Since 2005, they have shown their Bulldog spirit by supporting our troops through the Armed Services Blood Program with regular blood drives.

A Very Special Gift at Parris Island (January 2010)
This time of year, while most people are recovering from a harried holiday gift buying experience, Marianne Mikell is carrying on a family tradition of giving in the most special way. Each year, her gift to her adult nieces and nephews is a donation to a charitable organization of their choosing. This year one of Marianne's nephews had a special request...

Fort Stewart family members come through with blood donations (November 2009)
October 30th, 2009, Fort Stewart, GA- For the first time in over a decade, the soldiers, civilians, and family members at the home of the 3rd Infantry Division had the opportunity to donate blood to the Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP) at their installation. The Fort Stewart community hosted the blood collection team from Fort Gordon...

Blood Donor Heroes Visit Fort Gordon (August 2009)
In a well-traveled minivan labeled "Donating Across America", Kansas couple Jim and Linda Parker brought their special brand of heroism to Fort Gordon on July 17th. The two embarked on a nationwide project this summer-to give blood at all twenty Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP) donor centers in the United States.

Team Robins Honors Blood Donor Heroes (June 2009)
For decades, Team Robins have been faithful blood donors in service of the local community. In 2005, many of the base's long-time blood donors added to their proud history of donating and began rolling up their sleeves in support of an additional mission: taking care of our troops by giving blood to the Armed Services Blood Program.

RNCOA Sets Academy Record for Blood Donations (June 2009)
For many, completing training at the Regimental Non-commissioned Officer Academy involves a healthy dose of competition. On May 21st, however, almost 100 members of both the Advanced and Basic courses came together for a common goal: donating blood to their fellow...

CNATTU Rolls Up Their Sleeves to Host ASBP (June 2009)
JACKSONVILLE, FLA. (U.S. Navy) - An Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP) Team from the Eisenhower Army Medical Center of Fort Gordon, Georgia traveled NAS Jacksonville on April 30th to conduct a blood drive. The Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit (CNATTU)...

Cadets Roll Up Their Sleeves to Donate to ASBP (April 2009)
On 1 April 2009, the Cadets at North Georgia College & State University (NGCSU) rolled up their sleeves and donated blood to the Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP). One of the Cadets who has earned the top spot on the Army's annual ROTC National Order of Merit list, is senior Earl Porter.

The Citadel Cadets Welcome The ASBP With Rolled Up Sleeves (September 2008)
"So many of their classmates and peers have either been or currently are deployed," said Erin Hawkins, Blood Donor Recruiter, Fort Gordon, GA explaining the reason so many Cadets came out to donate. Over 200 Cadets showed their support for the Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP) by donating blood at The Citadel campus...

An Honorable Call to Duty- Even on the Weekends (September 2008)
When most look forward to the weekend off, Kendrick Memorial Blood Center (KMBC) at Fort Gordon, GA, prepares to take the weekend on. Answering their call to duty whenever the opportunity presents itself, KMBC is one of 22 Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP) blood donor centers that travels every weekend...

Patriotic Pints from Mayport (August 2008)
Breaking records and saving lives- that's the way Kendrick Memorial Blood Center (KMBC) at Fort Gordon, GA described success on August 14, 2008. The tremendous outpouring of support can be credited, in part, to a policy change which changed the world of military blood collections.

New tattoo policy allows for more blood donations to military (March 2008)
The Armed Services Blood Program is implementing a new policy regarding tattoos that may allow more donors to give blood to the military. Previously, anyone who received a tattoo must wait one year to donate blood, which left many potential donors out in the cold. The new policy, which went into effect this week, allows those donors with new ink to give again after just one week, if the tattoo was done in a state that licenses its tattoo parlors.