Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP): The Official Blood Program of the United States Military
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Follow Navy Captain Fahie, program director, as he visits critical military blood program locations.

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Blood Donation Saves Lives, Even After Things Come to a Screeching Halt New
Sherry Lester is a Navy grandmother from Virginia. She loves to ride motorcycles and amusement park rides. She also likes to travel. But on March 29, 2012, one ......

1 Mom + 2 Sailors + 3 Donations = Success!
“You see it was the act of a selfless individual 21 years ago, who too was O-negative, that I am forever grateful for (my son) still being alive,” said Sherise...

Marine Combat Training Battalion at the School of Infantry (West) Supports ASBP Every Week
The Marine Combat Training Battalion at the School of Infantry (West), Camp Pendleton, Calif., trains an average of 12,000 Marines a year. According to the...

‘Mama Knows Best,’ Then Donors Take Care of the Rest
Mama always said “Don’t go out riding after dark.” Unfortunately, some kids just don’t listen. Dwight Allsep is now a grandfather to a Sailor in the U.S. Navy. He...

Legacy of Blood from generation to generation