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Fort Bliss BDC Receives FDA Leukoreduction License
When a patient requires a transfusion, it needs to be as safe, potent and pure as possible. Recently, the Fort Bliss Blood Donor Center (FBBDC) received an...

Giving Life through Platelet Donation
Charles Dowd donates whole blood and platelets regularly with the Armed Services Blood Bank Center-Pacific Northwest's (ASBBC-PNW), making him a top donor at the...

Blood Donors Save Lives at LRMC
Without blood donors, there would be no blood products for people wounded in combat, fighting cancer, born prematurely or millions of other patients around the...

Guam Submariners Host Armed Services Blood Drive
Service members, DOD civilians, contractors and family members from ships and submarines stationed on Guam celebrated Halloween by giving donations during a mobile...

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