ASBP: Giving Thanks to Those Who Supported the ASBP in 2016
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Giving Thanks to Those Who Supported the ASBP in 2016

By Wendy Binder, ASBP Blood Donor Recruiter, Camp Lejeune, N.C.
The Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune Blood Donor Center held its Blood Donor Appreciation Luncheon Jan. 25 at the Paradise Point Officers Club, Camp Lejeune, N.C. This event recognized blood drive locations, site coordinators, whole blood donors and platelet donors who went above and beyond to support the Armed Services Blood Program in 2016.

These groups that were recognized either continually donated blood, scheduled blood drives at their locations or coordinated blood drives throughout the year. Speakers at this event addressed recipients and told them of the impact their selfless contributions have had on the ASBP’s mission and what they will continue to have on future programs. Navy Rear Adm. Colin Chinn, director of research, development and acquisition for the Defense Health Agency, Navy Capt. Roland Fahie, ASBP director, and Navy Cmdr. Leslie Riggs, former Navy Blood Program director, all spoke on the importance of the their dedication and support to the program.

Dolores Fonte one of the awardees has donated well over seven gallons since she started supporting the ASBP more than 16 years ago. Anytime there is a blood drive at the hospital she is there. And she has even come to the donor center to donate when we have had a short week for blood collections. She is always willing to roll up her sleeves and donate whenever needed.

“My motivation is that my blood is a gift from God,” Fonte said. “My pleasure is to serve the ASBP one pint at a time.”

And she is not alone! There were seven blood drive locations, eight blood drive coordinators, eight whole blood donors and four platelet donors recognized for their outstanding support of the program. All received a plaque in recognition for their efforts and commitment.

The appreciation event was one small way to say thank you for the sacrifice each of these recipients has made to help us ensure that we collect enough blood and blood products to meet our mission. It was also a great way for the awardees to meet leadership and other recipients and here their stories and reasons for supporting the ASBP.

“It was a great way to meet other donors and supporters and to fellowship with the Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune blood donor center staff in a social setting,” Fonte said.

The speakers also added a personal touch that helped attendees realize their importance to the program.

“Rear Admiral Chinn shed light on how much further and deeper my pint-by-pint donations go to support the armed forces, research, family and community; and Capt. Roland Fahie’s passion for the ASBP and personal support of the NHCL blood donor center had such an impact,” Fonte said. “It was such an honor that Rear Adm. Chinn, Capt. Fahie, Cmdr. Riggs and the NHCL leadership were able to schedule and attend this celebration.”

The ASBP and NHCL donor center are so thankful for all who support the program. Because of their efforts the blood donor center is able to collect the much needed blood to save countless lives overseas and at home. The NHCL donor center would like to give one more special recognition to the following 2016 Blood Donor Appreciation Recipients:

Blood drive locations:
Marine Combat Training Battalion East
Infantry Training Battalion East
Marine Corp Combat Service Support Schools
Field Medical Training Battalion East
Marine Corps Engineer School
2d Medical Battalion
Naval Health Clinic Cherry Point

Blood drive coordinators:
Gunnery Sgt. Bryson Marks – MCT
Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Hebner – ITB
Master Gunnery Sgt. Noel Cortez – MCCSSS
Petty Officer 1st Class – Jordan Wilkins – FMTB
Lt. Juan Rodriguezbarrantes – NHCCP
Sgt. Taliah Terrack – 2d Med Bn
Mrs. Bobbie Whitbeck – MCX CP
Mr. Jim Barton – Engineer School

Whole blood donors:
Mr. Dennis M. Pfeiffer GMC (retired)
Mrs. Christina Rampe Greenwood
Mrs. Dolores Margaret Fonte
Petty Officer 2nd Class Justin Edens
Mr. Pedro P. Guzman, Master Sgt. (retired)
Mrs. Rebecca Gordon
Mrs. Kelly Staton
Mr. Larnie Staton

Platelet donors:
Spc. Rosie Lipscomb
Petty Officer 3rd Class Wesley Bishop
Hospitalman Kyle Feldpausch
Hospitalman Alexandra Martin

We send a sincere thank you to all of our donors and to all that participated in this event. We look forward to the celebration next year.

About the Armed Services Blood Program
Since 1962, the Armed Services Blood Program has served as the sole provider of blood for the United States military. As a tri-service organization, the ASBP collects, processes, stores and distributes blood and blood products to Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and their families worldwide. As one of four national blood collection organizations trusted to ensure the nation has a safe, potent blood supply, the ASBP works closely with our civilian counterparts by sharing donors on military installations where there are no military blood collection centers and by sharing blood products in times of need to maximize availability of this national treasure. To find out more about the ASBP or to schedule an appointment to donate, please visit To interact directly with ASBP staff members, see more photos or get the latest news, follow @militaryblood on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Pinterest. Find the drop. Donate.

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